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Fig. 2.

Comparison between the unaffected controls and the samples with mesial unusual root resorption of the fourth deciduous incisors (MRR) by using cone-beam computed tomographic three- and two-dimensional images.

The vertical position of the P3 crown and resorption degree of the D3 root are similar in both samples. The distal tip of the P3 crown is located on the labial side with respect to the D4 root in normal samples (A), and the lingual side in MRR samples (B). The contact between the distal tip of the P3 crown and the D4 root surface occurs only in MRR samples in the coronal section (C, D). Angulation of the P3 crown is higher in the samples with MRR (F) than in the normal samples (E) in the horizontal section.

Horizontal line in (E) and (F), mesio-distal line of the P3 crown; vertical line in (E) and (F), a line parallel to the median suture line.

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