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Fig. 4.

A, Trabecular bone surrounding the lower canine (red area). B, Three-dimensional reconstructed images of the trabecular bone surrounding the canines. C, The bone volume per tissue volume (BV/TV), trabecular thickness (Tb.Th, mm), trabecular number (Tb.N, per mm), marrow space star volume (Vm, mm3), and trabecular star volume (Vtr, mm3) before/after treatment, and a diagram of those parameters. Blue bar, before treatment; red bar, after treatment. D, Diagram of Tb.Th and Tb.N. E, Diagram of Vm. F, Diagram of Vtr. The shaded area, bone; P, a point.

UL, Upper left; UR, upper right; LL, lower left; LR, lower right; M, medial; D, distal.

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