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Fig. 6. Treatment mechanics for uprighting of the left mandibular first molar. A, B, A small molar tube bonded buccolingually and an arrow indicates the insertion direction of the cantilever. C, Force system acting on the first molar and miniscrew when the cantilever mechanics is employed. A dotted line indicates the cantilever in its passive state, and a solid line in its active state. When the cantilever is activated, a moment of couple (MC) to tip the molar distally, an extrusive force on the molar tube, and an intrusive force on the miniscrew are generated. The uprighting moment acting on the molar is the sum of MC and the moment of force (MF). D, The cantilever passes under the main archwire to avoid slipping buccally and the mesial end of the cantilever hooked over the miniscrew (circle).
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