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Table. 3.

Distribution of cleft palate severity and overbite in Korean pre-adolescent patients with Pierre–Robin sequence (PRS)

Oral manifestations PRS (n = 26) p-value
CP severity -S- 5 (19.2) 0.01*
-hSh- 16 (61.5)
-HSH- 5 (19.2%)
Overbite Normal overbite 16 (61.5) 0.001**
Deep bite 9 (34.6)
Open bite 1 (3.8)

Values are presented as number (%).

Deep bite was defined as the full coverage of the maxillary incisor over the mandibular incisor. Open bite was defined as absence of vertical overlap between the maxillary and mandibular incisors.

The mean age of patients at the time of oral manifestation investigation (T1 stage) was 9.20 ± 1.46 years.

CP, cleft palate; -S-, complete CP of soft palate; -hSh-, incomplete CP of hard palate and complete CP of soft palate; -HSH-, complete CP of hard and soft palate.

*p < 0.05, **p < 0.01.

Chi-square goodness of fit test was performed.

Fisher’s exact test was performed.

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