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Fig. 4. Soft tissue measurements. A, Vertical distance. B, Transverse distance (blue, bilateral landmarks; black, midline landmarks). C, Anteroposterior distance. D, Line angulation.
FH, Frankfort horizontal; Al, nasal ala; NDv, nondeviated side; Dv, deviated side; Ac, nasal alar curvature; Ch, cheilion; Me, menton; Me’, soft tissue menton; Subchin, 15 mm lateral to Me’ on the lower chin contour; G’, soft tissue glabella; N’, soft tissue nasion; MSP, midsagittal plane; Prn, pronasale; Sn, subnasale; NLF, nasolabial fold; Ls, labrale superius; Stms, stomion superius; Stmi, stomion inferius; Li, labrale inferius; B’, soft tissue B point; Pog’, soft tissue pogonion; Midchin, chin point at the level of midpoint of Ch and Subchin.
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