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Significance of the prevalence and severity (standardized score) of impacts on OHIP-16[M] domains in the therapeutic phases at the immediate and late assessments

All data are p-values.

OHIP-16[M], Modified Malaysian version of the Oral Health Impact Profile; Pre, prevalence; Sev, severity; T1a, bonding, immediate assessment; T1b, bonding, late assessment; T2a, first activation, immediate assessment; T2b, first activation, late assessment; T3a, second activation, immediate assessment; T3b, second activation, late assessment.

Chi-square and Kruskal-Wallis tests were used to analyze the significance of prevalence and severity, respectively.

*p < 0.05.

Korean J Orthod 2014;44:168~176 https://doi.org/10.4041/kjod.2014.44.4.168
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