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Korean J Orthod 2001; 31(4): 415-424

Published online August 31, 2001

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The use of miniscrew as an anchorage for the orthodontic tooth movement

Seung-Hyun Kyung , Jung-Ki Lim , Young-Chel Park


Anchorage in orthodontics is very important factor for orthodontist to treat malocclusion from diagnosis and treatment planning to end of treatment. Skeletal anchorage like miniscrew is supposed to be more effective method in anchorage control than conventional anchorage which needs patient´s good cooperation, So this article will be mentioned about various clinical application of miniscrew through the general investigation and case reports about orthodontic use of miniscrew, specially about screwing area and clinical consideration of miniscrew´s screwing on midpalate. The changes of treatment philosophy and methods by using skeletal anchorage were summarized and following results were obtained. 1. The orthodontic anchorage changed from relative concept to absolute one. 2. Bodily movement of teeth gets easier and determinate force system is possible on biomechanical consideration. 3. Some part of treatment that needs surgical intervention is possible by just orthodontic treatment.

Keywords: Skeletal anchorage , Miniscrew , Midpalatal suture