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Korean J Orthod 2001; 31(5): 517-523

Published online October 31, 2001

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A Study on Titanium Miniscrew as Orthodontic Anchorage

Byung-Soo Yoon , Byung-Ho Choi , Won-You Lee , Kyoung-Nam Kim , Hyung-Bo Shim , Jin-Hyung Park


Titanium miniscrews are being used increasingly as an anchorage for tooth movrmrnt, because they are easy to place and to remove, increase the number of sitrs available, give minmum strain to patients regarding surgical procedures, and offer uneventful healing after removal. The use of titanium miniscrews as an orthodontic anchorage has been reported in clinical case reports, but cliniians have experienced screw loosening when using such screws. To our knowlwdge, threr are no published reports evaluating the stability of miniscrews. Information about the lenght of miniscrews used in relation to the location is of some importance, as stability will vary depending on bone quality. The purpose of this study was to evalyate a variety of lengrhs of miniscrews (siameter: 2mm) which were inserted in maxilla or mandible and to demonstrsre in a dog model which miniscerw provides fundamental stability in the jaws. 10mm long miniscrews in the maxilla and 8mm long miniscrews in the mandible showed no clinical mobility and retained their position throughout an 8 weeks (200g) application. The mucosal condition around the screws was healthy in cases in which miniscrews were inserted in the alveolar bone between the roots and the head of the screws emerged into the attached gingiva. When the force application was terminated, raciographic analtsis revealed neither root resorption nor periodontal pathology around the miniscrews that remaned stable during the entire treatment period. This study suggests that if titanium minscrews with adequate length are properly used depending on the location, they providw sufficient stability for orthodontic anchorage.

Keywords: Miniscrew , Oerhodntic Anchorage , Titanium , Jmplant